theAsianparent’s Singapore Digital Mums Survey 2019

Mothers are a highly sought after demographic for brands and businesses

theAsianparent’s Singapore Digital Mums Survey 2019

Did you know that Qoo10 is the top e-commerce platform for Singapore’s mums, ahead of Lazada, Shopee and Carousell? Or that a whopping 46% of Singaporean mums have a car; 63% shop online; 65% use the internet after 9 pm, perhaps when their baby is asleep; 23% are stay at home mums?

theAsianparent, a Southeast Asia’s social network and community platform for mums with a monthly network reach of nearly 30 million users has revealed insights in theAsianparent’s Singapore Digital Mums Survey 2019.

Here are some insights from its Singapore Digital Mums Survey 2019:

  • Qoo10 is the #1 e-commerce platform among Singaporean Mums;
  • Hello online shopping! 96% of them shop online at least once a month, and the top items that they shop for are children’s clothes, baby products & toiletries and clothes for themselves;
  • But brick-and-mortar stores are not dead. Mums still prefer in-store shopping for items like groceries, cosmetics and health supplements; 
  • Top considerations for purchase include price, benefits and word-of-mouth recommendations;
  • Mums are getting more tech-savvy, with an increased 38% in online activities by 1- 4 hours per day since becoming mothers;
  • Mums are night owls, with 65% preferring to go online after 9 pm.

A total of 39,039 babies were born in Singapore in 2018, per data from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), and it’s no surprise that mothers are a highly sought after demographic for brands and businesses. The infant formula market size in Asia alone is the largest globally and amounted to 30.35 billion USD in 2015, per Statista’s estimates. This year, the global baby care market is presumed to hit 66.8 billion USD in sales. In Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Thailand, sales for baby and child-specific products are expected to reach 280 million USD and 141 million USD by 2020, respectively.

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