2020 Trends Report: Chaos The New Normal

20 trends that will make a splash on the world in the coming year

2020 Trends Report: Chaos The New Normal

As we edge towards an exciting 2020, Philip Morris would like to kick things off by sharing a global trends report from Marian Salzman, the global communications lead and one of the world’s top trend-spotters.

Widely known for predicting the latest consumer, political and lifestyle trends, Marian in her 2020 report titled ‘Chaos The New Normal’, highlights 20 trends that will make a splash on our world in the coming year.

Some highlights of her predictions include:

  • MeToo 3.0. With the #metoo movement now part of mainstream dialogue, men can no longer count on women’s reticence, embarrassment and fear of reprisals to keep them quiet. Women around the globe will follow Ariana Grande’s example and call out “mansplaining” publicly–without a filter–about everything and anything. The fight for equality is changing.
  • Desperate for touch. The craving for person-to-person interaction has never been higher. With digitally connected lives (through Skype, WhatsApp), we no longer experience human contact like we used to. … And we miss it. Expect to see people take greater steps to fill the void and struggle to balance the desire to be environmentally friendly with the need to travel to see loved ones.
  • Raising the drawbridge. Whether it is our ever-divided global politics, alarming headlines from around the world or disasters trending on social media, the nagging feeling caused by unease and anxiety will only increase in coming years as we become even more hyperconnected. At the extreme, some are raising the drawbridge, buying years’ worth of emergency food provisions and learning survivalist skills. Many are likely to retreat from this scary “global society” and create their own sanctuary of safety and security.

Please find the full report here.