2019s Top Malaysian Creators On The Rise

Check out these channels from 2019 that have accumulated the most subscribers

2019’s Top Malaysian Creators On The Rise

YouTube Malaysia has released its selection of Malaysian YouTube creators and channels on the rise for 2019. This list presents the 10 channels that are barely a year old but have already seen huge subscriber growth throughout the year till November. We celebrate these mainly young and super talented individuals and groups that keep us entertained, informed and best of all — make us think.

The fastest rising YouTube channel, Ohsem Sempoi runs a short movie production to create addictive live-action skits that span from comedy to life lessons that is sure to set the audience laughing – and even ponder – after each episode. Following closely behind, PUBG Mobile Malaysia rides on the PUBG popularity and features local players’ journey to stardom, along with the latest game updates and playbacks of previous local competitive matches.

Other notable creators on the list include FS Channel where Malaysians are exposed to heartwarming stories involving small local food sellers, Tuan Abam Cedric whose cat-related content will strike the heart of all feline lovers, as well as Siti Awe for her dose of useful health-related topics.

The rest of the Top 10 covers a spectrum of topics, offering a mix of reviews from foods to games, to animals and even history, from both individuals and groups that look to push creativity to the forefront and add a distinct Malaysian flavour to the online video platform. 

The Malaysian YouTubers on the rise of 2019 are:

YouTube creator Channel description Current subscriber count
Ohsem Sempoi Short movie production 114,000+ subs and counting
PUBG Mobile Malaysia Official Channel for PUBG Mobile Malaysia 107,000+ subs and counting
FS Channel Highlights heartwarming stories of local food sellers 95,000+ subs and counting
Tuan Abam Cedric Topics on all things cats 86,000+ subs and counting
Siti Awe Focuses primarily on health-related matters 76,500+ subs and counting
Pok Ro Game review and walkthrough 76,000+ subs and counting
TwoDudes ??? Food reviews and challenges 75,000+ subs and counting
Cik Dadida More food reviews 69,200+ subs and counting
Izzuddin Al Jitrawiy Revealing alternative history 55,500+ subs and counting
Taeku Gadget reviews 55,300+ subs and counting

“These channels are proof of local creators’ innovative and creative approach to content creation, given the proper platform for them to grow on,” said Nadia Khan, Communications Manager for Consumer Products, Google Malaysia. “The diversity of this list also goes to show that Malaysian creators have what it takes to produce content that appeal to both local and international audiences, which further adds to the impressive mix of topics that can be found on YouTube.”