Tin Communications Launch Boutique PR Agency In Singapore

It offers cost-effective PR solutions for emerging brands and businesses.

Tin Communications Launch Boutique PR Agency In Singapore

New start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a strategic public relations agency to help them elevate their presence and business in the marketplace, now do not have to look further. Tin Communications, a Singapore based boutique public relations agency today announces its launch, offering cost-effective media relations and social media management capabilities.

Tin Communications is led by Founder and Chief Strategist, Kartina Rosli, who pulls more than 20 years of corporate communications experience from both the public and private sectors. ”At Tin Communications, we focus on helping a community of aspiring brands be seen and heard in the crowded marketplace. We understand the need for a quality marketing campaign and one that will not bust their budget. Through a dedicated team of specialists, we offer PR solutions that deliver the results clients seek,” said Kartina. 

At the launch, Tin Communications also announced its partnership with Kuala-Lumpur based NSE PLT as its social media management partner. Tin Communications is the first regional partner for NSE PLT to offer social media management services outside of Malaysia.

NSE PLT, regarded as one of the most respected social media management companies in Malaysia, runs social media strategies for brands and individuals. The social media management function focuses on helping brands improve their engagement by streamlining content creation to Tin Communications. 

Commenting on the collaboration, Kartina said, “Tin Communications is committed to being the Singapore partner of NSE PLT to expand its social media management solutions to our local market. The partnership combines the strength of Tin Communications’ understanding of the local media and NSE PLT expertise in social media to help brands gain influence here and beyond.”

Geogyiana Shahirah, the Managing Partner of NSE PLT said, “This partnership is advantageous for both NSE and Tin Communications as it enables us to come together in creating innovative social media strategies and contents in helping brands and individuals alike. This approach, too, ensures our relevance in the industry to become a market leader in ASEAN”.